Barramundi cooked in paper bark with green ant gin
10 minutes
Preparation time
50 minutes
Cooking time


1 x piece paper bark approximately 20 cm x 80 cm

1 bunch spring onions, roughly chopped

1 large green chilli, roughly chopped

6 garlic cloves

3 cm piece ginger (15 g), roughly chopped

1 bunch coriander

3 dried lemon myrtle leaves, optional

1 tbsp dried pepper leaf, optional

60 ml (¼ cup) Seven Seasons green ant gin (or citrus infused gin)

1 tbsp (20 ml) fish sauce

2 limes, zested and sliced

1 barramundi, snapper or bream, approximately 1 kg

1 large sprig native thyme, optional


  1. Soak the paper bark in water for a few hours, or ideally overnight.
  2. Place the spring onions into a blender along with the green chilli, garlic, ginger and half of the coriander. Add some dried lemon myrtle and pepper leaf if available. Add the gin, fish sauce and lime zest. Blend on high for a few minutes to form a paste.
  3. Make a few cuts into the fillet of the of the fish, this will help it cook evenly and give the marinate a chance to really get into the fish. Turn and cut the other side.
  4. Drain off the paper bark and lay out on the bench. Place the fish on the bark and pour over the marinate. Give it a really good rub into the flesh inside and out. Place some native thyme, if using, remaining coriander and lime slices inside the fish. Fold up the bark and tie it together with some butcher’s twine.
  5. Preheat the oven on Fan Plus at 170⁰C.
  6. Place the griddle plate on medium heat, induction setting 7 to preheat.
  7. Once hot, place the fish parcel on top of the griddle plate and ensure your rangehood is turned on. Leave the fish for 5 minutes, or until the bark starts to char and gets a little smoky. Turn and char the other side.
  8. Once nice and smoky, place the fish on a universal tray and into the oven on shelf level 2 and bake for 30 minutes.

To serve

  1. Open the bark and serve the fish in the bark on a large plate. Serve with some steamed rice and a fresh salad.

Hints and tips

  • Any fresh native herbs are awesome to stuff inside the fish before cooking. Regular herbs are also great.
  • Some dried lemon myrtle and native pepper leaf are also great to add into the paste.
  • If paper bark isn’t available, you could use banana leaf, or baking paper wrapped with foil. If you don’t have paper bark, omit the griddle plate step, and cook only in the oven.


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