Lime rum baba
15 minutes, plus proving time
Preparation Time
30 minutes, plus soaking time
Cooking Time


Rum baba

75ml milk, warm
7g dried yeast
50g caster sugar
280g bakers flour
½ tsp salt
2 eggs, beaten
75g butter, diced

Lime syrup

6 limes, zested and juiced
800g caster sugar
200ml dark rum

Passionfruit cream

100ml double cream
1 tbs icing sugar
100g mascarpone
5 passionfruit
Lemon balm, optional


Rum baba

1. In a small bowl, combine milk, yeast and sugar. Stir until the yeast is dissolved.
2. In the bowl of an electric mixer with dough hook attachment, combine flour and salt. Pour in the milk followed by remaining ingredients. Knead on low speed until a smooth dough forms.
3. Transfer the dough to a lightly greased bowl and cover with cling wrap. Place into the Oven on Prove yeast dough at 30°C
for approximately 1 hour, or until doubled in size.
4. Tip the proved dough out onto a lightly floured bench and divide evenly into 12 balls weighing approximately 50g. Place each portion into greased 150ml stainless steel dariole moulds or a lightly floured 12 cup muffin tin.
5. Cover loosely with cling wrap and return to the Oven to prove for approximately 1 hour, or until doubled in size.
6. Pre-heat the Oven on Moisture Plus at 200°C with 1 manual burst of steam.
7. Remove the cling wrap, place the tray on shelf position 2 and release the burst of steam immediately. Bake for 8 minutes, or until golden brown.

Lime syrup

1. Pour the lime juice into a jug and add enough water to make up to 560ml. Tip into a small saucepan and add the sugar. Bring to a simmer on medium heat, Induction setting 6 and reduce until it becomes thick and syrupy.
2. Add the rum, increase to high heat, Induction setting 8 and bring to the boil.
3. Place the rum babas into the syrup and fully immerse to coat. Set aside to cool before transferring to the refrigerator to chill.

Passionfruit cream

1. Whip the cream and icing sugar until you have stiff peaks. Fold through the mascarpone and passionfruit pulp.

To serve

1. Place the rum babas on plates, dollop over some passionfruit cream and decorate with lemon balm.


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