Simply Steam For Supreme Asian Cuisine

Imagine if you could cook an entire Asian banquet for your next dinner party and the process was effortless? Using a Miele steam combination oven helps you prepare, cook and serve a flavourful, authentic, healthy Asian banquet with no stress.

Why steaming delivers perfect results for a banquet

Miele steam combination ovens enable you to cook an entire meal – just set and forget. Miele Culinary Expert, Loughlin Hunter, says: “It’s great to cook in bulk amounts, it doesn’t matter how much food you place in Miele’s steam combination ovens as the cook time is always the same – independent of volume.”

Steaming also enables you to encapsulate all of the delicious fresh flavours of your dishes, which are intensified by steaming, so they spring to life on your plate.  No need for any nasty flavours or additives – just clean, fresh cuisine.

Temperature control is also a huge advantage with a Miele steam combination oven, says Loughlin Hunter.

“You have a far better way of controlling temperature with steam, so when you’re cooking things like a Chawanmushi – which is essentially a steamed egg custard – you can be guaranteed perfect results,” he said.

Master your Asian banquet with these go-to favourites

While the possibilities are endless, Loughlin said Hainanese chicken is always a crowd pleaser and you also can’t go past succulent dumplings when entertaining even bigger groups.

“Miso eggplant is also quite popular, Chinese style duck or roasted pork in different ways. Asian marinated chicken or pork belly skewers can be grilled with moisture simultaneously for a super-fast and convenient cook,” said Loughlin.

How to create the ultimate pork belly and BBQ duck

When cooking pork belly or BBQ duck, Loughlin says the most important tip is to allow the meat to sit uncovered in the fridge for around 24-48 hours.

“This will essentially dry out the meat, which will give you a crispier skin,” he said.

With Miele’s steam combination oven, simply place the pork or duck into the oven at 200° with 60% moisture, helping to render the excess fat down.

No other appliance renders fat as successfully and mess free as a steam combination oven.

“Depending on what you’re cooking, I normally give food about 20-30 minutes with the moisture, and then I would turn it down to 150° with 0% moisture which will help to then crisp up and dry up the skin even further,” said Loughlin.

Banquet main & side dishes: All you need is steam

While often the go-to cooking utensil when creating an Asian banquet is a wok, it’s possible to pull off an entire meal with Miele’s steam combination oven.

“A steam combination oven is far more capable than most people think. I have no doubt that you could easily whip up a delicious and variable banquet with it,” said Loughlin.

As well as your main course, starters and side dishes can also be created with this innovative appliance, including noodle soups and rice.

“Noodle soups are super simple, all you need to do is place the meat, vegetables and herbs into a large steamer bowl – no need to add boiling water, tap water is perfectly fine. Five minutes at 100 degrees will result in a great soup,” said Loughlin.

“Miele’s range of steam combination ovens also replace the rice cooker. I simply put one cup of rice to one cup of water and I steam at 100 degrees for 20 minutes and the result is perfect.”

Using a steam combination oven also means you’re getting a much healthier option by avoiding deep fried options like fried spring rolls and dim sims.

Recipes to try

When preparing for your upcoming Asian banquet, refer to Miele’s recipes for these crowd-pleasing Asian dishes:


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